A Tropical Glam Condo Unit Staging in Azure

I owe it to the real estate industry for giving me a chance to discover a new skill. So decorating a couple of official model units in Azure Urban Resort Residences developed by the company I work for became a natural progression given that my side hustle is complementary to my profession. Here’s how it started, how it panned out, and what my thought process was.

3-day Breastfeeding Room Makeover

Hi guys! We’re all on quarantine in Manila and many of us are working from home. I hope you’re all safe from COVID-19. Bear with me as I attempt to pick up from where I left off  — a full year of poor personal time management, haha.

I was fortunate to take on a breastfeeding room makeover challenge last year from Centuria Medical Makati. I had a tight budget and an even tighter-than-my-spanks lead time of 3 days! If you’re a soon-to-be mom and you’ve been thinking of creating your own charming little breastfeeding and baby changing nook, loosen up your bras ladies and read on. 😉

Minimalist 1-bedroom Condo in Living Coral and Green

I was watching this Netflix documentary earlier about Minimalism. I would say I’m a minimalist (to some extent) as it seems I have naturally applied this philosophy not only to my personal style but also in interior styling. Minimalism is not necessarily just throwing all your stuff away and making do with less. It’s living a happier life with simpler systems, less distractions from material things, focusing on quality, and choosing what can bring value to your life. In fact, it may also remind you of the KonMari method. So if you wish to see how you can style your home the minimalist’s way, read on.