A Tropical Glam Condo Unit Staging in Azure

A Tropical Glam Condo Unit Staging in Azure

I owe it to the real estate industry for giving me a chance to discover a new skill. So decorating a couple of official model units in Azure Urban Resort Residences developed by the company I work for became a natural progression given that my side hustle is complementary to my profession. Here’s how it started, how it panned out, and what my thought process was.


It was in year 2013 when a big boss in Century Properties asked me to accessorize some condo amenities — this is totally outside of my job description. I loved it, as you can tell, but it took me 3 years to finally take the leap. I officially started The Style Hobbyist in 2016 and I haven’t stopped since. In fact, I was so into it that I was able to save up for a U.K. trip to visit my sister after my first few projects. I’ll never forget that. This is the reason why this Tropical Glam condo unit staging in Azure is special to me. I never thought I’d be able to decorate condo units for the company and help market to new buyers at the same time. The best part? I was given a freehand in its style direction. Snatching some projects is life. But creative liberty is lifer. 🙂


This condo was already furnished with basic furniture as part of the package. We call it fully-fitted fully-furnished (FF/FF) which was conceptualized to add more value to a client’s condo unit purchase.  So I had to work with the existing 2-seater sofa and dining chairs. I usually start with the colour scheme because it excites me. My personal style is monochromatic but I always inject some fun colors into a space. But look at those pieces closely. Yup… Orange is my least liked colour in the wheel, sorry! But that’s OK because part of the challenge is to work with what you have.


I quickly decided on Tropical Glam as the general theme because it suits the project. Azure is a beach-inspired residential community after all. Green is one of the best colors to pair with orange as it brings to mind nature with trees and leaves. And given orange’s warmer tone, green adds the right kind of cool it needs.


Next is deciding on an accent wall! I chose a bold tropical wallpaper for the bedroom. One accent wall is enough for this 1-bedroom, 29 square meter condo. The best thing about this space is it’s bathed in natural light thanks to those generous floor-to-ceiling windows. If you’re choosing a small condo for yourself, be sure to consider the windows and how airy the space feels!


Create a multi-purpose nook when you have limited space. Notice that desk across the bed? It’s a work station slash vanity slash TV console in one. All you need is an ample-sized desk, a tall book shelf, a wall-hung mirror, LED TV, and more built-in shelves to address all purposes in one small spot.


All other elements followed the theme: natural materials like wood and wicker, flora and fauna prints, and gold accents for that right amount of glam. When you decorate your space, try to be cohesive in your choices. But don’t be afraid to go off-beat with a few items like a piece of artwork you love or macrame plant hangers you made. Boho chic anyone? For this particular space, however, I had to keep accessories manageable as it’s open to visitors.


If you’re wondering where I shopped, do check out Casa Consunji, H&M Home, SM Home, Wilcon, and Mandaue Home. I worked on a strict budget so it took a lot of sourcing hours to make everything fit. Staging a condo must have that wow factor to inspire visitors to take photos and be really interested to invest in the project. I really wanted it to look aspirational yet approachable. A bit hipster, actually. Not too expensive glam. Happy to note that I got good reviews when we unveiled during an event! *kilig*


Check out the photos from my gallery above. I also previously featured this project on my YouTube channel. Just search “Jules the style hobbyist” when you have time. I hope you picked up a tip or two from this! If you’re still reading this, thank you sooo much for your time. I appreciate it. Take care!


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