3-day Breastfeeding Room Makeover

3-day Breastfeeding Room Makeover

Hi guys! We’re all on quarantine in Manila and many of us are working from home. I hope you’re all safe from COVID-19. Bear with me as I attempt to pick up from where I left off  — a full year of poor personal time management, haha.

I was fortunate to take on a breastfeeding room makeover challenge last year from Centuria Medical Makati. I had a tight budget and an even tighter-than-my-spanks lead time of 3 days! If you’re a soon-to-be mom and you’ve been thinking of creating your own charming little breastfeeding and baby changing nook, loosen up your bras ladies and read on. 😉


It was a fun project even though I’m the last person to ask about breastfeeding; I haven’t given birth just yet. Thank goodness for helpful mom-colleagues who guided me on what to consider in this small space. I’m telling you guys, working moms are really particular! 🙂


I started with the color scheme as it’s an important factor to keep the space visually relaxing for tired and cranky (but beautiful) breastfeeding moms. I heard breastfeeding is exhausting and it burns even more than a treadmill sesh. White, gray, with blush & green accents will always be a good choice. It’s subtle and easy on the eyes.


Next was to enlist all the functionalities a breastfeeding mom needs in a space.

  1. A comfy lounge chair wide enough to carry a baby on her lap
  2. A side table with power sockets for her breast pump and phone
  3. A sink and faucet with ample water pressure
  4. A small refrigerator to keep breast milk fresh
  5. A sturdy baby changing table with a dedicated trash bin
  6. Cool and comfy room temperature
  7. A large mirror to check on herself for touch ups
  8. Extra space for her baby bag and purse
  9. Aromatherapy scenting a major plus
  10. Amenities like tissues, hand soap, and hand lotion
  11. A relaxing space overall


Check out the photos from the gallery above and let me know what you think!



Here’s the thing… that small space used to be a utility room with ugly floor-to-ceiling tiles. So you can just imagine how much work went into it from building a counter with a proper water source and drain, air-conditioning, augmented power source, lights, and wall covers. Major renovation of the room’s shell was care of Centuria’s building management that’s why my 3-day task was actually doable. Notice that horizontal moulding across the main wall? That’s one design challenge we had to let go. We could not recess that wire moulding anymore as it’s attached to a faux wall and we really had to add more power sockets. If we had more time in the process, we could still reverse the installation and totally hide it.


Due to our tight budget, I also had to be a little creative to spruce up the space without spending extra. Notice the framed wall artwork with birds? That’s actually from my stash of old wallpapers. I just framed them using white blank frames you can easily buy from any bookstore. You can do that too with beautiful gift wrappers, old postcards, or maybe little notes and drawings from your kids!


My personal favorite quick design decision was that houndstooth wallpaper in white and gray. I’m super lucky to have Boni who owns Asia Walljoy; she’s been my trusted wallpaper supplier ever since I started going crazy over them. It’s so beautiful and it makes the space look contemporary and put-together.


We also inaugurated this breastfeeding room with a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony. It felt great! I can still remember my shopping frenzy and working non-stop with my team that time. And yes, I did not charge a professional fee. But it was all totally worth it because I know it will help our gorgeous working moms in the building.

So there you have it, a small yet charming breastfeeding and diaper changing nook! Hope you picked up a tip or two from this. Maybe next time, who knows, I’ll be writing about my very own baby’s room design as well. 😉 *fingers crossed

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