Minimalist 1-bedroom Condo in Living Coral and Green

Minimalist 1-bedroom Condo in Living Coral and Green

I was watching this Netflix documentary earlier about Minimalism. I would say I’m a minimalist (to some extent) as it seems I have naturally applied this philosophy not only to my personal style but also in interior styling. Minimalism is not necessarily just throwing all your stuff away and making do with less. It’s living a happier life with simpler systems, less distractions from material things, focusing on quality, and choosing what can bring value to your life. In fact, it may also remind you of the KonMari method. So if you wish to see how you can style your home the minimalist’s way, read on.


This 1-bedroom condo unit is very special to me as it’s a gift to my parents! I got this 40 sqm 1BR with back garden around 32 months ago at pre-selling rates so you can just imagine how ecstatic my parents were when the condo was finally turned over. And of course, how can I let them move in without adding a dash of The Style Hobbyist sparkle first?


It was fun presenting to my parents. We met one Sunday at Cafe Breton over crepes and coffee and showed them my ideas. My original color palette was Living Coral + Navy Blue + White but then my Mom preferred Gray over Navy Blue so I adjusted my plans. I also showed wallpaper options and I knew she’d like something very tropical or leafy. What I won’t forget is my parents’ unanimous decision to go minimalist. She said they both don’t want clutter, not too many stuff, and want to keep the place low maintenance. I was smiling the whole time.


After all the paper work and unit inspection process, we quickly worked on site in just 3 days. I had to keep our work schedule efficient to save on labor cost and logistics. Day 1 covered all minor construction works from wall painting, wallpaper, backsplash tiling, light fixture installation, appliances, and wall decor. Day 2 was all about furniture assembly and placement. Day 3 focused on a few more installations, finishing touches, and general cleaning.


So here’s the finished project! Check out the gallery (click above). A few details to note:

  1. I used two gallons of paint – light gray and flamingo blossom of Boysen’s Virtuoso line in satin finish.
  2. All furniture pieces are from IKEA but I got them from a local distributor. Except the 2 dining chairs as these came from our other condo unit.
  3. All appliances are from Anson’s.
  4. Construction materials, backsplash tiles, ceiling fan, and lights from Wilcon and CW Home Depot.
  5. My wallpaper is from Asia Walljoy (IG @bestwallcoverings).
  6. The condo came with a free window-type aircon unit as part of their promo.
  7. All accessories and bed sheets are from SM Home. But the 2 framed canvas artwork though are created by yours truly.
  8. Not in photo is the bathroom (I totally forgot to take photos). I also spruced it up with a mirror cabinet, overhead shelf, and stainless storage.

All in all, I spent a total of Php 220k. This includes labor, finishes, furniture, and appliances (except aircon, microwave, water heater). This cost does not include my styling fee as it’s FOC, hehe.


As you can see, I only used one brightly colored accent wall for the bedroom. I kept the living-dining-kitchen areas soothing to the eyes with tropical wallpaper and balanced all out with light gray walls. I think it’s important to note that styling also teaches you the importance of restraint. Let your eyes be drawn to key pieces that bring life into your space. The same way minimalism teaches you to only choose things that bring value to your well being.


Minimalism with a touch of personality can be achieved in a small home! Happy to share that my parents loved it and they’re settling in very well. So if you wish to achieve this look in your own space, feel free to message me. 🙂

Stay tuned for the next part of this story as I still need to work on the outdoor back garden!



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