My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2018

My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2018

I know this is a month too late but what the heck. It’s still a good piece of content to share. I don’t see myself as a beauty junkie as I’m semi low maintenance compared to most, even though my family and friends think otherwise. Haha. I try out products and see what works for me and adjust my routine as necessary. I like to keep things methodical on a daily basis because I just have too many things on my plate (and inside my head). For someone who needs to keep things easy-peasy, here are my top 10 constants in 2018 that I will still continue to use this 2019.

I’m cursed with the most sensitive skin on this planet (OK I’m exaggerating). I have generally dry skin with an oily T-zone. I easily react to harsh chemicals. I get rashes when I’m stressed out. I also develop more and more freckles and sun spots as I get older. I’m allergic to dust and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love me like Joe adores Beck. You get the picture.

As for my hair, I chopped off more than 12 inches of it just last May. It’s naturally wavy-curly and I love my stylist for helping me embrace it. Needless to say, I’m addicted to hair dye. Today as I type this, my hair has ash blonde highlights mixed with green. Sometimes I have blue hair, purple, or pink. I work in the corporate world and I dress quite monochromatically. But I consider my quirky hair as my signature accessory.

I like wearing makeup daily. I skip it on weekends to let my skin rest, except when I need to attend an event or meet a client for my interior styling biz. I use makeup primarily to enhance my look or make it cohesive with my ensemble. But sometimes I like to kick it up a notch with bold eyes or bold lips (I pick one, never both at the same time). My regimen is so fuss-free so I’m sharing some of my favorites perfect for all busy, professionals. Do let me know if you have suggestions!


Skinfood Black Sugar cleansing serum makeup remover

I love stuff that work well and smell good. This serum-based makeup remover is just divine. I get excited every time I use it on my face after a hard day’s work. It’s like wiping off makeup with dessert. It doesn’t harm my skin at all. Its texture is quite thick but I like that it doesn’t leave my skin oily or sticky. Just use a couple of cotton pads and you’re good. Best used with Black Sugar facial wash. I also like the packaging design.

Zen Institute SKM Hypo lotion moisturizer

My trusted dermatologist is the house of Zen Institute. They sell their own products as well. I especially like their SKM Hypo Lotion. I use it on my face and even on my arms, elbows or knees when I feel drier than usual. It’s best for ultra-sensitive skin and also great for guys who don’t like slathering on sticky moisturizers as this one absorbs nicely on your skin. Two thumbs up. Available in their clinic. They transferred just recently from BGC to Centuria Medical Makati.

Face Shop Natural Sun facial sunscreen

I can hear my mother’s voice every time I need to remember to put on sunblock. If you’re a 30-something woman, it pays to use sunscreen regularly to prevent wrinkles and sunspots. In fact it’s best to start early in your 20s. I use this SPF 50 on my face before I put on makeup so it doubles as my primer. I like its no shine finish and it helps my makeup stay on longer, too. My skin reacts nicely to this as I don’t experience any breakouts or rash.

Avena collagen and brightening moisturizers

This combo was given to me by Marty’s mom. I’ve used them on my body and sometimes on my face. I immediately felt my skin is more supple. I don’t use these two at the same time though. I just alternate daily after my morning bath and nighttime shower. What I like about Avena is its texture and skin absorption. I don’t feel any stickiness at all even in this humid Manila weather. Smells great, too. I don’t think it’s widely distributed in malls and beauty stores here though.

Face Shop Miracle Finish anti-darkening cushion foundation

This is the shiz out of all foundation makeup I tried. It doesn’t cake and it covers up just enough imperfections (read: sunspots and freckles) without that pageantry vibe. I like how this looks better as the day progresses as it makes my skin quite dewy. It has an anti-darkening formula which is best for acidic skin.

Kerastase Oleo Curl leave-in conditioner

If you have wavy hair, embrace it! Look for a stylist who can cut your hair the right way. And then grab a tube of this baby to smoothen out kinks and make your hair look and smell goooood daily. I use a dollop of Kerastase Oleo Curl on my towel-dried hair, just before I use my blow dryer (with diffuser). It keeps my wavy hair nice and bouncy throughout the day.

MAC Harmony and Fleur Power powder blush

I read about contouring a lot but never really joined the tribe. Until one day at a MAC boutique, this entertaining sales guy demonstrated these products on my face. He taught me how to use Harmony to bring out my angles and Fleur Power for that just-heard-a-compliment blush. I had to snag them right after and I’ve been using them since.

Heroine mascara and mascara remover

Thanks to my officemate who recommended this combo. These can be bought in drugstores in Japan at reasonable prices. Heroine mascara brings out the long lost lashes on my hairless Asian eyes. Oh my goodness, it’s also apocalypse-proof! So strong that you need its very own mascara remover, haha. But don’t fret, its formulation is gentle enough to still keep your eyelashes intact. It’s just so life-changing. I don’t think I’ll buy other mascara brands, ever!

Heroine gel eyeliner

I also love Heroine’s gel pencil eyeliner. Another smudge-proof BFF for someone like me who doesn’t like touching up her makeup. It’s also so easy to use; I admit I apply eyeliner on my way to work (during heavy traffic, relax). Grab these Heroine drugstore goodies when you go to Japan!

Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco eau de parfum

And lastly, who doesn’t like the scent of this classic white musk? Acca Kappa is my constant buddy for years now. It smells so clean, your colleagues won’t say no to you. Just kidding. I like its soft, non-intimidating scent that’s strong enough to be noticed but never off-putting at the office. I love (love love) this perfume. Such a classic scent. Good news, they now come in smaller bottles for your purse!

So that’s it, I hope you found some good tips and products to try this 2019. I swear by these brands and I was not paid to do this post so, hahaha. All for real, you guys. I’ll post another one when I do find good ones soon. Cheers!




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