BnB Styling for Siglo Suites – Milano Residences and Azure Urban Resort Residences

BnB Styling for Siglo Suites – Milano Residences and Azure Urban Resort Residences

Since the advent of the sharing economy in transportation was undeniably successful for Uber and Net Jets, applying it to real estate like AirBnB became a natural progression. Did you know that AirBnB just started from renting out an air mattress? It has indeed come a long way worldwide. But the sharing economy also poses some risks since foot traffic in a residential tower or village multiplies from unit owners, to relatives, and strangers. In the Philippines, Colliers cited the example of Century Properties’ new leasing arm Siglo Suites, which was formed to help strengthen and enhance the security of owners and residents, as well as assist owners to lease out units to short-, medium-, and long-term guests and tenants. They have also added some hotel-like conveniences such as housekeeping, concierge, daily bottled water, toiletries, and such. Unlike hotels where room configurations and interior designs are standardized, BnB spaces have various owners and are therefore very different from each other. In order to help incoming unit owners increase their chances of rental from online booking, Siglo Suites started applying a list of mandatory room functions and conveniences to standardize the units under its management. It was challenging at first because unit owners may agree to add tools and equipment but not necessarily change the whole style or look of their condo units (no matter how “baduy” you think it is, yup). So for the new batch of units last year, I was very privileged to get my hands on some bare spaces!

My first project for Siglo Suites was a massive 3-bedroom penthouse unit with a pool in Milano Residences. I’m happy to see some positive reviews on AirBnB and I heard it’s almost always booked with a stable monthly revenue! I already showed Milano 3201 in my previous blog post so the other one I’m showing you is a 1-bedroom unit. The other (2) units are penthouses in Azure Urban Resort Residences.

Now the brief seemed simple: (1) follow the small budget, (2) make it short to long term leasing friendly, (3) make it cozy and universally safe and appealing, (4) and lastly, make it look standardized! I was challenged because Milano Residences in Makati City and Azure Urban Resort Residences in Paranaque are miles apart when it comes to theme and architecture. Now do let me know if I was able to do it justice. Haha. So if you’re a Century unit owner, I urge you to check out Siglo Suites and see what they can do for you. I can also help furnish your unit up to your transition to leasing management enrolment. Easy peasy! 🙂

If you own a house or condo unit somewhere else and you wish to lease it out, I can still help. I’m always up for new challenges. Let’s make it functional and beautiful!

Photographs taken by Siglo Suites. For bookings and reservations, check their website or check AirBnB and other OTAs. Hope to see you in one of these units soon! 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

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Milano 4301D – a cute 1BR unit following Siglo’s chosen look

Milano 4301D bedroom

Milano 4301D living to bedroom

Milano 4301D – dining to kitchen

Azure Miami tower PH03 – living room

Azure Miami tower PH06 – 2 bedroom unit. I had to combine living and dining into one tiny space! 🙂

Azure Miami tower PH06 – 2 bedroom

Interested? Email me [email protected] or follow my IG @thestylehobbyist

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