Right Hair, Right Now! Tips for Naturally Wavy Hair

Right Hair, Right Now! Tips for Naturally Wavy Hair

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I still need to fix the the format of my website to make it easier for readers to spot each category. But while we’re at it, let me share a fun article that doesn’t have anything to do with interior design and styling! Flip your hair and read on!

I received a random question recently over social media private message about how I take care of my naturally wavy hair. When I think about it, I actually used to hate my natural waves and wore it short. In fact majority of my adult life I used to straighten my hair through chemical treatments and hair ironing. When I met Marty 8 years ago, he thought my hair’s naturally straight!

In the Philippines, shampoo commercials always don models with long, shiny, and super straight hair. Seriously, can you remember one shampoo brand that promised health and shine for wavy-curly hair? So for Filipinos, it really defined what our crowning glory should look like. I used to think my wavy-curly hair was a curse because it’s not as tamed and neat. But alas, sexy beach waves became all the rage in my late 20s. By then I totally stopped all chemical treatments and let my hair grow naturally.

Getting a decent haircut became my next challenge. I noticed that typical stylists here are used to working on girls with straight hair. I tried almost all popular salons in Manila who promised effortlessly wash-and-wear cuts. The right cut is essential because wavy-curly hair types require precise layers to bring out the right amount of bounce and body. Fortunately, I met a couple of super reliable hair stylists who really know how to work my hair’s texture and color enhancement. Do you want to know who they are? Message me! 😉

Here comes taking care of my mane daily. As I rummage through my vanity, I realize I have more hair products than facial products! So if you have a similar hair texture, I’m sharing some of my favourites I have right now. Oh and I’m such a sucker for great smelling products, too!

For cleansing and conditioning:

(from left) Zenutrients Tea Tree, Jason’s restorative biotin, Zenutrients Olive shampoos

I also love Avalon and Andalou shampoos which you can find in Healthy Options.

(right) Dove conditioner – I still need something very potent for conditioning my hair. I tried organic conditioners but I found them too light and not as effective.

For maintenance:

(from left) Eva Nyc up all night volumizing spray – I use this before I blow dry my hair with a diffuser. It protects my hair from heat and gives my waves that lovely bounce and body throughout the day -even if it gets humid.

(2nd from left) L’Occitane repairing oil – I use this on the bottom half of my hair at night once a week or right after a beach trip or too much sun exposure.

(3rd from left) Eva Nyc dry shampoo – I love this stuff. My hair actually looks better first thing in the morning as it has that natural, beach-wavy look. So sometimes, I wash my hair thoroughly at night before I sleep. Then the next day, I only use a little dry shampoo to lessen excess oil on my scalp. It also comes in handy when you’re in a rush but need to freshen up your hair quickly.

(rightmost) Bed Head head rush spray – I adore how this smells! I use this on special occasions when I need to have more shine on my hair. It also helps keep my hair smelling sweet and delightful especially for night events.

For hair drying and combing:

After washing, I really don’t over do my towel drying because it creates too much static and frizz. When your hair is wet, lightly rub your hair from your scalp but only squeeze out water from your hair ever so lightly. I only use a wide-tooth comb to detangle right after bathing. I really don’t have a comb or brush in my bag; I only use my fingers to fix my hair. As for blow drying, I always use one that has ceramic ion technology and with a nice big diffuser. This way, I get to preserve my waves and curls. Does it sound complicated? No, it’s not. It really works, too.

For hair color:

My go-to is ASH BROWN with highlights. No red undertones. Below photo was taken just before I had my hair refreshed for color and cut. So you can see how it naturally grew and faded after 3-4 months. Still not bad right?

For health:

It’s also important to take your daily supplements to nourish your hair from the inside. I take vitamin E gel capsule daily! Get it at Healthy Options.

These are my suggestions but feel free to share your stash as well! 🙂

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Love, Jules (The Style Hobbyist)

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