Minimalist 1-bedroom Condo in Living Coral and Green

I was watching this Netflix documentary earlier about Minimalism. I would say I’m a minimalist (to some extent) as it seems I have naturally applied this philosophy not only to my personal style but also in interior styling. Minimalism is not necessarily just throwing all your stuff away and making do with less. It’s living a happier life with simpler systems, less distractions from material things, focusing on quality, and choosing what can bring value to your life. In fact, it may also remind you of the KonMari method. So if you wish to see how you can style your home the minimalist’s way, read on.

My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2018

I know this is a month too late but what the heck. It’s still a good piece of content to share. I don’t see myself as a beauty junkie as I’m semi low maintenance compared to most, even though my family and friends think otherwise. Haha. I try out products and see what works for me and adjust my routine as necessary. I like to keep things methodical on a daily basis because I just have too many things on my plate (and inside my head). For someone who needs to keep things easy-peasy, here are my top 10 constants in 2018 that I will still continue to use this 2019.

Double the Work, Double Your Time

Handling a full time day job and weekend hustle is like walking on 4-inch stilettos -beautiful but painful at the same time. Recently I get asked about how I manage both without losing my mind or stabbing someone's throat (LOL). It's still a work in...

Handling a full time day j...

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